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Each of Lyndon’s massage treatments includes an aromatherapy sensory journey featuring organic and botanically-derived essential oils targeted to relax, uplift or energize.


Swedish Massage
30 Minute – $45    45 Minute – $60
60 Minute – $75    90 Minute – $105

Using long effleurage strokes and other massage techniques our therapists use this massage to help increase circulation and promote relaxation. This massage is designed to relax superficial muscle groups to help improve immune system functions while leaving your mind and body feeling a sense of well being.


Hot Stone Massage
30 Minute – $55    45 Minute – $70
60 Minute – $85    90 Minute – $120

Experience the ultimate in relaxation. This full body massage uses heated basalt stones to warm and soften sore muscles while your spa therapist reaches all of your deeply stressed areas. The art and placement of hot stone therapy brings balance to mind and body.

Infusion Treatment Body Polish
90 Minute – $120+

Lemon grass and lime leaf body polish is used to remove dead skin cells, while you receive a 1-hour elemental nature massage with green tea and lime leaf body butter. This service improves circulation, invigorates meridians, soothes anxiety, and provides mental clarity.


Deep Tissue Massage
30 Minute – $55    45 Minute – $70
60 Minute – $85    90 Minute – $115

A massage Used To Release Chronic Muscle Tension Through Slow Strokes And Direct Pressure Applied Across The Grain Of The Muscles. This Invigorating Experience Promotes Healing And release For Sore Muscles.


Pre-natal Massage
30 Minute – $45    45 Minute – $60
60 Minute – $75    90 Minute – $105

A unique, therapeutic full body massage designed to relieve fatigue and ease tension during pregnancy. Specialized techniques and essential oils soothe the body while improving circulation. This massage also helps reduce water retention while leaving you and the baby relaxed and rejuvenated


30 Minute – $40    60 Minute – $60

Enjoy the benefits of a massage designed specifically for your feet. Your therapist will focus on pressure points that correspond to areas in the body while stimulating circulation and reducing tension.

Aveda Body Polish
60 Minute – $85+ 90 Minute $115+

An exfoliating body treatment featuring customized Aveda body care products and aromas. Includes an exfoliation and full-body massage, including scalp and foot reflexology techniques


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